Why I built Wanderer.ai

2021-2-2 by Chris

Maybe I am fundamentally wrong. But I believe that the chatbot topic in general is unfavorable in some areas. In my opinion many botbuilders are too complex and too cumbersome to maintain. From experience I know that sometimes real problems are difficult to transfer to the digital world. This often requires rethinking and discarding of old structures. Frequently differences between a digital representation and a real problem lead to cumbersome frontends and complicated processes.

1. Need of complicated programming

When constructing guided conversations for example, one often has to deal with self-programming, contextual variables and conditions to teach the bot a more complex or contextual behavior. Creating conversations is often more complex programming than simple design. I want to show you that you needn't deal with this to reach your goal.

2. It is often not easy to keep track of guided conversations

This complexity often makes it difficult to keep track of the planned conversation. It is not always easy to see which events lead to which reactions of the chatbot as the conversation grows. Also in various tests of bot platforms this seems to be a major problem. Let's try to change that.

3. Many botbuilders are black boxes

You often do not know how existing services actually work or what technology stack they use. You also do not know what happens to the data collected and where it is stored. In Addition you often have no idea how many people actually use a platform, whether it is a short hype or an insider tip or whether the service will still exist tomorrow. You often dependent on opaque and uncomfortable pricing models that limit your messages or impose a branding on you. These are all different facets of a black box which you cannot influence.

4. Lack of transparency and privacy

Most chatbots are centralized systems. Their AI runs on a separate server. This servers receive inputs and send messages back. Completely intransparent to the user, however, is how these messages come about. With today's technologies it would be possible to develop systems that run on client side.

5. Increasing encapsulation of knowledge

Many chatbots have a solid expertise. They conduct consultations or accompany through complex processes. This expertise is often packaged and encoded in botbuilding platforms, program codes, and APIs. Due to this fact it's difficult to extract this knowledge or make it accessible to other processes. Knowledge buried in this way is no longer available to all people independently.

I would like to try an experiment that will face this issues. The goal is a system in which very complex conversations are very easy to set up, very easy to store and also very easy to retrieve in a chat. This simplicity is dedicated to Wanderer.ai.

Title image from Pixabay